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It doesn't take much to entertain me! I'm crazy for kitchen gadgets and probably have more "used it once" things buried in my kitchen drawers than most people! The zoodle maker will not be one of those things, however! Nobody is paying me to blog about this little gem, but it is worth a little focus. I've looked at all the recipes for preparing the long strands of squash on Pinterest for the past couple years, but just decided I would join in with the ZOODLE crowd last week. I ordered my zoodle slicer and used it immediately the day it arrived!

My recipe was about as simple as it gets.  I sauteed my zoodles in a couple Tablespoons of pesto and it only took about 4 minutes to have beautiful zoodles. You probably already know that zucchini will take on any flavor that you put with it. You can make mock apple pies using zucchini and you'll never know you aren't eating apples!
It is simple to use the tool. Slice the top and bottom off the end of the squash and twist it in the little slicer. There are two sizes of blades and you can choose the one you like best. There is also an end cap to use to protect your fingers from the last few twists. Use it! A couple summers ago, I taught over 1,000 students how to cook using locally grown produce and most of those students were kids.  I think this tool is safe enough for children to use.  You can also use it to slice carrots and potatoes and I'll be trying that soon!

I'll share this post with a couple of the parties listed on my sidebar, but before you venture off to visit the other party-goers, stick around my home page. You might find something else that you like!

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