A Red Tablescape!

This is one of my favorite red tablescapes.  It comes from my annual Moroccan dinner party!  The tiny tajines in the middle of the table are filled with condiments!

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It's Purple in the Pottie!

It is is Tabletop Tuesday time and I'm happy to show you
the decor in one of my bathrooms!  You would be welcomed into this little powder room with this cute wreath!  Miss Phoebe loves "Robin Eggs" in all colors.  She makes up stories about saving Robins!

The Easter Egg tree is a big hit, too!

The little table I keep in that room is a perfect place to change the seasons.  It never takes much to get that done ... just a little shopping through the house.   Purple is the color of choice for this spring.

Red and Pink Tabletop Tuesday

Who says red and pink aren't pretty together? 
 Nobody that I know!
I love to keep red in my sunroom all year round, but I have many other things that I love to use in that room, so I have to mix it up a bit!
So, Spring in the sunroom will be red and pink!
Here's the tabletop of the buffet server!

One of my favorite decorating pieces is the crystal hurricane.  I love changing seasons by filling it with potpourri.

My red geranium wreath looks like it was perfectly ready
to have a little pink and purple added to it!

My bee hive beverage decanter gets used almost every weekend during the spring and summer.  It won't be long before you'll see it filled with fresh strawberry lemonade to go with my strawberry honeybee tablescape!  

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For the Birds!

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Pink Roses for a Bunny!

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We'll celebrate St. Patrick's Day at our house, but I promised Miss Phoebe that she and Gwamma would start getting out the Easter Bunnies ... so here's a beginning!   This pretty bunny came from HL and my candle hurricane is my all-time favorite candle holder.  I love changing the decor by switching the things I have nestled in the bottom.  These pretty pink peonies came from Dollar Tree, but they are some of the prettiest I've seen.

 I posted pictures of this china perched on my hutch a few weeks ago and promised you'd eventually see it on a table!   It is American made Style House from the 1950s in the Dresden Bouquet pattern.  I have twelve place settings and lots of serving pieces, including the coffee server below!  How pretty is that?

I think the prettiest part of this china pattern is the wide gold rim on the pieces.  This china was in perfect shape when I  bought it .. .not a mark on it and the gold is in more than perfect shape.   
My Mikassa stemware and the Big Kahuna flatware with the gold pineapple on the end looks great.

The centerpiece began with a scarf that is often found around my shoulders!  The pink, green and gold print was perfect for this tablescape.   We all love our candle lite and I continue to be a giant fan of QVC's Bethlehem Lights battery candles.  As long as I have big dogs that help me with my dinner parties, I'll avoid burning candles!
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Rednesday Brunch Posting!

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Red Hat Leprochauns

Today was our monthly YaYa Red Hat luncheon ... but a couple of us are getting ready to be leprechauns!  I'm not big on hats .. but I love my fascinator burlesque hat!   Why the red and white shoe?  We are getting ready to host a "glass slipper exhibit" as a promotion for our Summer Theater's production of Cinderella!   So, we are collecting party shoes with a story!  It is a few months away, but 
I'll post pictures while it is running!

Memories in Pink!

I've been enjoying some memories, lately ... and wanted
to share some things that prompted them.
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None of these things belonged to me as a child, but I would have loved them.  The tatting thread on the right came right out of the sewing chest that we brought from my Mother-in-Law's house 35 years ago.   My husband and I couldn't part with her things after she died and our home is still filled with things like the sewing chest!  She and her mother tatted ... I've never been patient enough to do that!
The first gift of a book I ever received was Little Women and I just picked this up at an antique mall, just because it was pink.

I love the pink book cover ... it is the size of a little New Testament ... and I can't find mine ... but I'll dig it out and give it this new/old cover.  I think the tatting on the edge is precious and I can just see a 1950s little girl carrying it to Sunday School!   The Salt & Pepper girls in prayer are Lefton ... My favorite aunt collected Lefton!   

Old Rosie could have  come right out of the library at Lincoln Elementary School in Murphysboro, Illinois!  Lincoln was just two blocks from our house and we 
walked to and from ... and always home for lunch, too!   

I had a pony that nobody understood!  Powwow, a most politically incorrect name today, had been a carnival pony and all he really knew how to do was walk in circles!  He had always worn a bridle that had blinders on it and when my daddy put a normal bridle on him ... and me on his back ... he threw me off in seconds.  I ended up under the pony;  Daddy got down on the ground to get me and was laughing so hard that he couldn't talk.  Know what he did?  He put me right back on that pony and made him behave ... me in tears ... and Daddy laughing the whole time.

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