Easter Tablescape

I've slowly managed to get my Easter celebration posted!  Here comes the tablescape.  I received a set of galvanized metal chargers for Mother's Day in 2016, and they have become one of my favorite things!  Even though Miss Phoebe wanted to use nice china for Easter Dinner, I was still determined to use a galvanized shabby chic theme!

Down the center of the table ...  My happy little chicken feeder filled with flowers, eggs and baskets!

Here are a few of the purple gingham checked elements!  Even the little basket has checks!

I don't think that anything can be shabby chic without lots of flowers!

These adorable napkins printed with rabbits ... came from Pier 1.  Tiny crocheted flowers are part of the design.  The place mat came from Target a few years ago.

The place setting is simple ... shabby ... elegant ... I don't know!  It is just cute and comfortable.  The oval plates are melamine ... came from World Market this year.

Hope you enjoyed!  I'll be sharing with a couple of the parties on my sidebar. Stop by to see all the other party girls!


Just as our meat was ready to come off the grill, a huge storm hit us and about the time we were ready to carry food to the Easter Dinner table, we heard a giant thud. Then, the power went out and we had Easter Dinner in the dark!

The thud was made by three giant limbs from a very old Maple tree hitting the ground ... fortunately not the house or the back deck. The darkness was quickly remedied by candles, because none of my big lantern-style flashlights were working!  Who doesn't like candle light?

My daughter grabbed every candle she could find and put them all over the table. We are actually experienced at this "party with no power" thing ... because the year she graduated with her Doctorate ...and we were having a big party for her ... an "inland hurricane" hit Southern Illinois and we didn't have any power!  We partied without power!  Fortunately, I had prepared most of the food the day before the party/hurricane day and we grilled the meat. We partied on our big back deck in the afternoon, so everything was fine.  People just carried flashlights into the dark part of the house when they used the bathroom!

Back to Easter!  That bunny brought some nice galvanized buckets filled with goodies!

Our menu was really delicious ... not your typical Easter food, but we are tired of having too much food left. No ham this year! I grilled a nice filet of beef and served Hollandaise Sauce with it.  I still cook from scratch, but I happily admit that a few years ago when Hollandaise Sauce came out in a package ... I was thrilled.  It won't curdle!  It is delicious

Our cheese log appetizer is a favorite blend that we get at a German meat market in Missouri!  I always fix carrots for Easter and no matter how much brown sugar and butter I glaze them with, they are never eaten!  Phoebe announced that she can only eat crunchy carrots (raw)!  I used Pioneer Woman's recipes for Spicy Cauliflower and Creamy Herb Potatoes (which you can find online and I highly recommend).  Don't you just love my fresh chives that have flowered?

I was so ready for some new ... non-traditional ... foods! This pastry tart is a Pioneer Woman recipe, too.  Well, she inspired me!  It is so easy to make. Just use packaged croissant pastry and top it with Swiss cheese slices. Lay fresh asparagus spears over the cheese and bake it according to the directions on the pastry package.  I drizzled avocado oil over mine before sticking it in the oven because I wanted to be sure the asparagus roasted nicely. This was scrumptious; easily made ahead and kept warmish; and perfect cold in my sack lunch the next day at work!  I'm going to make it again this weekend for another event, but I plan to add some fresh Thyme and Rosemary to the top of it and a few grinds of fresh pepper.

Here's the end of our meal ... This scrumptious Pig Pickin' Orange Cake!  You can Google that recipe, too. The history of this cake is all about BBQ in South Carolina!  It is popular at whole hog barbecues!  You know, you pick the meat off the pig at those kinds of events!  I love that stuff and I loved this cake.

So, there you have it!  Easter at Grandma Debbie's ... in the dark!  We had a very nice time! Miss Phoebe told me that I had "outdone myself" ... She is growing up much too fast!


Grandma's Easter dining room is the first time the room has been decorated since Thanksgivng 2016.  Sorry about that ... but I'm a busy girl!  My job keeps me busy working with over a dozen Facebook pages and websites!  You can read more about the changes in my life RIGHT HERE!

For now, let me show you part of Easter at my house.  When Phoebe told me that she wanted to use the "china in that glass cabinet" ... I got a little excited about mixing elegant china with my typical country/cabin traditions!  Shabby chic came to mind, so that is where we are!  Take a look at the fireplace and the (Christmas) tree that I just leave in the corner all the time! The color is lilac/purple gingham checks; the china is a purple pansy pattern; the theme is country chic ... and eventually you will see all of it.  For this post ... check out the fireplace and the tree!

Take a look at the fireplace decor!  Just used things that I already have ... except for the checked egg (which I bought at a local junk store) and the garland that actually has checked fringe.  

I have a collection of small baskets that goes on the tree ... and I added a few paper mache eggs.


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