Hints of Autumn in August!

I'm not crazy about the month of August, but the hints of Autumn in August make me happy!  Autumn is my favorite season.

So, a little switch of the decor is always a good thing!

I watched a real rabbit in the back yard yesterday evening. Even though Jimmy Mutt was running all over the yard, the rabbit didn't move from it's spot!  It was happy in a spot of wild strawberry plants that I have let cover a spot ... and it wasn't moving!  Jimmy never even noticed!

I love rag rugs and have purchased several over the years ... that have been the works of artisan weavers!  Recently, I've found some colorful ones in places like "5 Below" ... a store that is like a dollar store, but items cost $5 or less!  The rug I have over the back of my sofa cost $5!  For the fun of it, I added a small rag rug to the top of the coffee table ... where Miss Phoebe does a lot of art work!  

All the trendy galvanized metal takes me back to my childhood!  In fact, I still have a galvanized 'wash tub' that belonged to my husband's grandmother!  It must be 75 years old! We used it for every picnic party we ever had ... to ice down watermelons! Sometimes the watermelon was spiked with vodka!

I added fall pine cones, acorns and leaves to this cute galvanized cart! My big pig sits around all the time! I recently purchased this little silver pig and you'll see him later on a tablescape I have planned!

"Grow Love" and "Plant Hope" ... painted on the sides of small flower pots that ride in the cart!  "Integrity" is a word that means so much! Think about that!

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Bleu Cheese and Figs!

This cheese ball is so easy!  You simply blend equal parts of cream cheese with bleu cheese ... roll it in pecans and top it with fig preserves.

That simple.

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