Valentine Brunch!

Miss Phoebe and her parents were traveling over Valentine weekend, so we celebrated with a brunch on the following Monday, which was a holiday! I made it easy, but delicious!  We had a buffet served from the kitchen counter and eaten in our laps in front of the television! Phoebe and I enjoy doing that ... because she never gets to do it at home!

I made a crock pot breakfast casserole ... biscuits and gravy ... had fresh fruit and delicious French Toast rolls stuffed with cream cheese and strawberry jam.
I love these heart-shaped serving dishes made by QVC's Temptations!

I found this beautiful table runner at our local Ross store a few weeks ago and draped it over the buffet counter.

Look at the detailed stitches and applique work on the end of it.

The French Toast Rolls are so easy to make.  You simply cut the crusts from soft white bread slices and flatten them with a cutting board ... spread a little soft cream cheese down the middle ... and drizzle a little jam over that.  Then you roll them up and dip them in egg/milk wash and gently fry them in melted butter! I sprinkled lots of cinnamon/sugar on mine ... refrigerated them until the next day ... and reheated them for 10 minutes in the oven. They were so delicious!

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NuWave Dinner for One!

I've been really busy lately and have been so happy that I have my NuWave oven!  I just never dreamed how much I would love this thing.

Here you'll see a little Cornish Game Hen ... sprinkled with a Chipotle Raspberry Seasoning (saltless) Salt and roasted for 17 - 20 minutes!  It just takes green beans about 8 minutes to roast, so I toss them in in the middle of the process.  So good ... and the skin, which I usually share with MeMutt ... was especially good!

Look at these yummy pork chops ... thin slices dredged in egg wash and seasoned bread crumbs ... with roasted Brussels Sprouts.  This takes 8 - 10 minutes and then I sprinkled a little bleu cheese and bacon crumbles over it.

One of my favorite go-to meals for just one is to pop a little pasta in boiling water and whip up an easy Alfredo sauce ... All you need is a tablespoon of butter slowly melted ... stir in about 1/4 cup of dried parmesan cheese, then add a cup of Half and Half.  Whisked all together, this becomes a smooth delicious sauce.  So, I NuWaved  a couple tiny salmon fillets and a handful of broccoli flowerettes ... That took 7 minutes!  I brushed the salmon with some lemon infused olive oil ... topped the fillets with Rosemary ... and tossed the broc in the same olive oil.  Delicious!

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