An Easy Going Valentine's Day!

I've been known to throw elaborate dinner parties for Valentine's Day, but all I really wanted to do this year was have Miss Phoebe and her parents for supper ... that we could eat around the coffee table while watching television!  I was most anxious to let Phoebe do some decorating with things she made ... but we never did get too many things made, so we took a quick shopping trip the day before to buy balloons and a few other glittery items to use.

Phoebe is usually most interested in balloons ... and I hope all my readers know that the dollar stores are the best places ... always ... to buy helium balloons!  That dollar stretches lots farther!  A few glittery hearts, balloons, a few little boxes ... and pretty roses ... gave us plenty of excitement!

Dinner was pretty easy, too ... We had a wonderful creamy chicken and noodle casserole, topped with cheddar cheese and bacon ......... giant shrimp wrapped in bacon ...... roasted broccoli topped with parmesan and buttery crumbs ... and homemade rolls ...

Dessert was a warm peanut butter brownie Sunday ... topped with Reese's pieces ... and chocolate and peanut butter chips ... and chocolate syrup!   Everything was easy to make ........ and easy to eat!

Hope all my readers had a Happy Valentine's Day!  I'll be sharing this post with a couple parties ... so make sure you click through to enjoy the fun!

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