Grandma's Easter dining room is the first time the room has been decorated since Thanksgivng 2016.  Sorry about that ... but I'm a busy girl!  My job keeps me busy working with over a dozen Facebook pages and websites!  You can read more about the changes in my life RIGHT HERE!

For now, let me show you part of Easter at my house.  When Phoebe told me that she wanted to use the "china in that glass cabinet" ... I got a little excited about mixing elegant china with my typical country/cabin traditions!  Shabby chic came to mind, so that is where we are!  Take a look at the fireplace and the (Christmas) tree that I just leave in the corner all the time! The color is lilac/purple gingham checks; the china is a purple pansy pattern; the theme is country chic ... and eventually you will see all of it.  For this post ... check out the fireplace and the tree!

Take a look at the fireplace decor!  Just used things that I already have ... except for the checked egg (which I bought at a local junk store) and the garland that actually has checked fringe.  

I have a collection of small baskets that goes on the tree ... and I added a few paper mache eggs.


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