Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

It was 98 degrees today in Southern Illinois, so that meant time for the crockpot again! I had a Sunday of reading planned ... trying to get started on the 7th book of the Outlander series ... so cooking inside or outside was not on my Sunday agenda!

This recipe is so good. It does take a little prep time, but within 30 minutes I was out of the kitchen! I used bone in chicken pieces (with skin) that I'd already cut up and frozen ... and thawed overnight in the refrigerator. Dredge the chicken in a light coating of flour and pan fry it in a little olive oil ... turning it one time ... and frying it just long enough to put some  color on the skin. Place each piece in the crock pot and try to make a single layer. I drizzled a couple Tablespoons of the pan juices/oil over the meat, ground a generous amount of white pepper over the meat, then topped each piece of chicken with a slice of lemon and tossed in several sprigs of Rosemary. Miss Phoebe's blue chair garden is really producing! Add a cup of chicken stock to the bottom of the pot ... cover the crockpot and turn it on high. This usually takes about 3 hours, depending upon the size of the pieces. 

This week's CSA share provided these great purple string beans, more colorful potatoes and sweet onions. I cooked those in my little crock pot with a small piece of smoked pork and plenty of ground pepper! I covered them with water and since this wasn't a big batch and it took less than two hours to be deliciously tender.

The sauce remaining in the crock pot is perfect to serve over rice, noodles or even mashed potatoes. It also makes a really good base for lemon chicken soup, so mine went right to the freezer for a snowy day next winter, when I'll be complaining about the cold temperatures!

I'll share this post with a few of the parties listed in my sidebar. Make sure you stick around my home page a little while to check out other recipes!

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