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Floral Vignette with Antique Mirror

I've been collecting little things all summer from our junk store jaunts ... to create a floral vignette in one of my bathrooms. The bathroom "fall leaves" wallpaper is old and I will never change it because I love it! Fall leaves are sometimes hard to decorate around ... it is kind of "one season only" ... so I create a little vignette when I want to make a change! Last week, I found a beautiful antique tabletop mirror and that made me finally finish this little project! Isn't it a beauty? Everything in this vignette, excepts the books and the candle came from our junk jaunts!

I love all these things, but my favorite might be this crewel of violets ... just because I love violets!  The two framed crewels started the concept. I paid a big paper dollar for each of them! Then I found four Bradford Exchange collectible plates at Goodwill and paid a dollar for each of them!  What deals I was finding!  The vintage looking doll booklet was another dollar and the bunny, yet another dollar! I sure wasn't spending much!

The plates are truly Victorian looking, and I love that style ... though I have just one room in my house where it works ... and only because I have antique bedroom furniture!  So, why not incorporate a little Victorian look in this "fall only" bathroom!?

You'll notice some pretty ribbons in these pictures! I'll be using lots of it in the future because I bought a big box of ribbon from an old florist that closed thirty years ago! I guess that makes it vintage ribbon!

I love this mirror and suspect it is from a little while after the Art Nouveau period. It is molded wood, which was first produced in these kinds of vanity mirrors by the Syracuse Ornamental Company in 1890. They called it Soroco Wood ... and they continued to make these kinds of products through the 1940s and finally shifted to molding plastic in the 1960s. The mirror glass is slightly faded, which confirms its probable age back to the 1940s. It is certainly a stand-out piece of decor and you'll see it in future posts! I have lots of plans for this little mirror!

There you have it!  My junkin' decor! I'll be sharing this with a few of the parties listed on my side bar, but before you move on ... browse my home page! You'll find other posts that might interest you.


  1. How fun! And how fun to have discovered these things. I found your blog at Share it Sunday. What a fun blog you have!

  2. How fun! And how fun to have discovered these things. I found your blog at Share it Sunday. What a fun blog you have!

  3. You did a nice job of putting special things together to work with the wallpaper, yet keep it from being too Fall-ish. I love the little doll book! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Happy Pink Saturday! The little dolly book is adorable.

  5. You turned your junk into some lovely things.

  6. Nice violets! Art Noveau is a fantastic period!

  7. What lovely work from bargain buys. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  8. I have that same little Victorian doll book. Nice finds! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  9. I love all things floral and these are so pretty! Thanks so much for linking up to Share The Wealth Sunday!

  10. It's nice that you've got all that stuff surrounding your antique mirror in a fairly understated sort of way, where they're all lumped together in one place, like a bunch of dolls tucked together. It certainly frames the mirror in a nice way. Great mirror, by the way. Thanks for sharing!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass


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