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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Big Lot Plates & Flowers

I think you are going to see these melamine dinner plates from Big Lots ... in several posts this summer. They seem to look great with lots of tablescape themes and I keep them out all the time so they are handy to grab when I'm playing on the back deck.  This morning of scaping began with this set of cute place mats!  You're going to see them again on a different day!

Flowers, flowers, flowers!  I always hang a wreath in my cherry tree that is right beside the back deck!  This summer, I'm using a lighted wreath that includes red geraniums, but I add lots of other flowers to it as the season progresses!  These napkin rings came from Pier 1 ... years ago!  I've had them several seasons. The napkins came from Pier 1 a couple Easter seasons ago!  Don't you love the stitching on the hems?

Other than roses, I don't grow flowers to cut.  In fact, if I keep flowers in pots going all summer, it is just good luck and mild temperatures!  To have been raised by an expert gardener, you'd think I could grow flowers. Not true, but I love clipping grape leaves, pinching a few petunias and adding a little other trailing greenery ... and filling tiny vintage vases!

My tablescape is a hodgepodge! Old and new ... and if you follow me you know I like to include pigs in table settings.  I have enough of these cuties to put at each place setting, filled with homemade salad dressing!  The flatware is 20 years old and glassware is 30 plus years old! I have trouble parting with stuff!

I'll probably share this with a few parties on my sidebar, so make sure you click through to see the other posts!
Hope you have a great summer!

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  1. Well your 4th table will look gorgeous!!! Big Lots may be in my near future!!


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