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It isn't hard for me to find pictures of things that make me smile!  I'm linking to Chef Laurie's Yum Yum Party, so make sure youPosted by Picasavisit the The Turner Farm to see all the other party posts!

  1. Don't you just love my fancy fried balogna sandwiches?
  2. How about persimmon bread?  Just the thought of a bitter persimmon making me pucker ... makes me laugh!
  3. Then there are fresh strawberries from Southern Illinois' Flamm Orchard ... and strawberry wine from our favorite Pomona Vineyard ... made with Flamm strawberries!  Oh, yum, yum!
  4. Here's a picture from my Chocolate party last summer.   All my girlfriends gathered on the deck for a fabulous meal ... using chocolate in every course.   They sat in a gentle rain storm ... wouldn't go in the house ... and finally it thundered and came an absolute downpour ... and everybody ran inside!  Trust me ... we were laughing!
  5. Then ... there's my precious Miss Phoebe!  We haven't had much snow this year ... but she certainly has enjoyed playing in it!  My daughter has a perfect video of her daddy teaching her how to make snowballs ... and she throws each one at him!


  1. I'm going to have to try those sandwiches. I work at a winery that produces fabulous fruit wines ~ love to cook with them, as well as pair them with many of our meals. LOVE the photos from your chocolate party ~ how fun it sounds! And Precious Miss Phoebe!!! Thanks for joining our 2nd YUM - Top 5. Love discovering the things that bring a smile to ones heart!

  2. Lovely YUMS!

    Fried Bologna sandwiches .... a favorite of mine, although much maligned by most of the population.
    They just don't know what they are missing! LOL


  3. Wonderful photos -- and those sandwiches look very tasty!


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