Comfort Food

Comfort Food

T is for T-Bone!

I'm participating in the Alphabet Party at Jenny's place!  Make sure you click through to visit the other posts!

T is for T-Bone ... what else could it stand for?  Here's a good one, positioned with another favorite thing, Southern Illinois sweet corn!  I always take a week off around the Fourth of July holiday, and last summer I set out to photograph everything I cooked.   All we do is hang out around the house, entertain a little, enjoy family and food!  I've included  a few other foodie photographs from the week!  The only thing "T" about this is that they might have been "too" good!  Enjoy!

February's Family Sunday Dinner

Christmas 2020

Mary Queen of Scots Dinner Menu Booklet

Grandma Debbie's Christmas 2018

Grandma's Blue & Green Pupkins!

Autumn at Grandma Debbie's