Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Tabletop Tuesday - Valentine Pears

Our friends,  Jack and Sue, gave us a box of beautiful beaded ornaments for Christmas.  They are pears ... in several sizes ... and some are the colors of red Anjou pears ... others the color of red Bartletts.  While I can see them on a Christmas tree ... I didn't put them away with my decorations ... because I've thought of a dozen more ways to use them.   They perfectly match the reds in this arrangement of roses and beige hydrangeas, so I filled one of my big "jars" ... and love the combination!  I'm linking to Tabletop Tuesdays, so make sure you click through the favicon on the left to visit all the other posts!

Then, there's Miss Phoebe's mantel.  We always have to add a little holiday decor, four little friendly sock monkeys from WMart ... are a perfect addition!

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