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"R" is for Raines - My Maiden Name!

"R" is for Raines ... that's my maiden name.  Here are the folks that made me possible.  Doris and Jim are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary here ... and they were married 67 years ... when Mother died.  They were an interesting couple ... five kids ... never apart with exception of his WWII service ... and seldom passed a day without squabbling over something!  They mastered the art of squabbling ... and something was right about it  ... because they had a long marriage!  They were devout Southern Baptist ... believed in taking care of folks who needed help ... and never hesitated to "whip our butts" if we were bad in church!  I am their baby child, spoiled rotten ... and proud of it!  In this picture, Mother's life had already been taken over by Alzheimer's ... but she enjoyed our little party and was still pretty healthy, otherwise.

On Valentine's Day, I will make a visit to their gravesite.  In their elder years, Daddy started buying mother a single red rose on Valentines Day.  After she died, he continued his tradition and we laid the rose on her grave.  I stood at her grave the first time we did that and promised him that I would always do it after he was gone.  He and I shared one more Valentines Day together ...
and now I go by myself. 

Happy Valentines Day Mother and Daddy!

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  1. What a wonderful tradition to carry on!

  2. 67 years of squabbling... that's sweet, really. It's been only 26 years of squabbling for us,but squabble we do and we love each other to bits! :-D It amazes me how often the second partner crosses the final bridge to be with their true love within a year. Lovely tribute, Debbie.

  3. This is certainly a sweet and loving tribute to your parents. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. That is a sad but really nice story. :)

  5. What a wonderful couple! You are so lucky to have had such beautiful people in your life.

    Best Valentine's wishes to you too!


  6. I love that sentiment of the red rose every year. It's lovely that you are continuing it.


  7. What a sweet/sad tribute to your wonderful family.

  8. Awww how precious . What a nice tradition !

  9. How wonderful...

    I lost my sweet mother to Alzheimer's just a little while ago and miss her so much.

    I live too far away to visit her grave very often, but I wish I could take her a rose every day...

  10. Life long love is such a gift - not just to the lovers, but to their children, certainly.

  11. I loved the line, these are the folks that made me possible.

    This was such a touching stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    It is so touching that you still take a rose to the grave. Tomorrow I will send a hug and a prayer your way as you deal with all these tender memories.

    Thank you for linking.


  12. That had me in tears. What a moving tradition!


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