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Five things that Make me Smile!

I'm linking to Chef Laurie's Yum Yum Party, so make sure you visit the The Turner Farm to see all the other party posts!  I just don't have any problem finding photographs in my archives that make me smile!  Let me introduce you to my great-grandparents, Anna and Jacob Mueller (Miller).  Anna and Jacob were my mother's grandparents ... her mother's parents.  My mother looked just like her mother ... who looked just like her mother, Anna.  I have a brother who now looks exactly like Jacob ... eerily like Jacob!  Anyway, here they are on the 1890 wedding day and then, on their 50th wedding anniversary day!

Here they are with their children.  My grandmother Ida Dora Mueller is the little girl on the right ... and yes, I have a great niece who would look just like her if we  braided her hair and pinned it up!  My Great-Aunt Margaret is the little girl on the left.

Here's Aunt Margaret with her fiance upon their engagement.  I loved her ... they had a big dairy farm and she tried to teach me how to milk a cow!  They really had milking machines when I was a little girl ... but she loved to milk enough for her cats ... and did she ever have cats!

This is my Grandmother Ida ... We were never allowed to use first names, so this is Grandma and Grandpa Schuster in their elder years.  I was so lucky ... Grandma and Grandpa lived just one block from my childhood home.   My other grandfather lived just across the street from them!  Pretty convenient for my siblings and me.  I always knew when Grandma was baking!  I could probably smell the sweet aromas, she was so close to us!  (We certainly knew when she was canning kraut!)
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  1. Oh how old photos make me smile. A blessing indeed to have grandparents close by. Love this post. Always love discovering what your YUMS are for the week. At the winery prepping for a cooking class and took a moment to stop by and see. Fabulous!!

  2. What a memory-filled post. I just love it and enjoyed reading it. The photos are wonderful.
    I am signing up to follow. :)
    xo bj


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