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Vintage Basket Weave Dinnerware

I've had a cute set of vintage dishes that I've wanted to use all summer for a back deck tablescape. I bought them at my favorite collectible shop in the Spring. They are a 1960s Corelle pattern that was made in Mexico during the time the company hooked up with Vitrelle Glass. That is about the time we started seeing all kinds of Corelle glass patterns in dinnerware. Remember the green and the burgundy ... and clear? I had never seen this pattern until I saw it in the junk shop and I knew it would make great outdoor dinnerware. (Not that I don't already have three sets of clear patterned glass that is durable enough for the deck.)

In this photograph, you can see the basket weave pattern. I can think of lots of ways to use this, but for this table ... I wanted lots of color and a place mat that would show up well ... beneath the glass.  

In this collage, you can see various elements of the setting. The flatware is Cambridge and I've had it for years. The glasses are Fostoria Mignon from the 1980s. Don't you love the tiny basket holding the napkin? I have several of those and a small tree-shaped stand that they fit in ... You've probably seen that in my Halloween posts. I use it and fill the little baskets with candy. They are actually intended to hold tiny plants!

Rabbits are a year-round decoration at my house! The back yard is full of them right now and they all run for the dogless kennel, when the dog hits the yard! (He never gets in his kennel.)

I believe this cute little glass basket is Fenton ... no positive. It has been in my china cabinet for decades and I remember the bouquet from my Valentine ... that was in it! He had a special flower shop he used and they knew that he cared more about the quality of the container than the flowers!

Phoebe and I hit the clearance aisle at Walmart the other day, looking for anything for crafting. Instead, we found this table cloth with fringe on the ends. It was probably a part of the summertime outdoor decor that I tried to ignore this year! Didn't cost much, so I grabbed it figuring it would work for a tablescape of some sort! It did!

I'll be sharing this tablescape with a few parties this week ... They are listed on my sidebar. Stick around my home page for a while though ...


  1. I love your colorful tablescape. You have a gift for styling!

  2. Such a cute tablescape...it looks very inviting! Thanks so much for sharing at Share The Wealth Sunday!

  3. What a bright and cheerful tablescape - love all the colors you have used - so cute. Thank yo ufor sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  4. What a very pretty young lady you have hanging out. Aren't you lucky to have her in your life?
    I love your home page on here, most likely called it wrong thing, love all the cherries and leaves. Makes me think of 50's.
    Sounds like you are very busy lady what with writing articles and rest of your life.
    All our grand kids are growing up much too quickly. One of our youngest daughters girls is going away to college, they're all taking her up to San Rafael to Dominican University this Sunday, making it their vacation. We live in western CO west of Grand Junction out in country. They have two girls 15 and 18. We have two grandsons in KY, one of which goes to college in Lexington, will be sophomore this year and his brother will be senior in high school. Our oldest grand kids live in Grand Junction, they are 21 and 25. Busy busy bunch of people. Two of our "kids" live in G.J. area and two oldest live in San Diego area. How many "kids" do you have and are you lucky enuf for them to live close?
    Would love to hear from you. Happy weekend

    If you do choose to reply please do so to email address: FurryKidzPaperworx@gmail.com tHX


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