Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Flower Boxes on the Back Deck!

My flower boxes at the back of the house have done really well this summer.  I don't have much sun in that spot ... lots of big shade trees ... so I planted shade loving coleus and they have grown so big that I've clipped them a couple times and started new plants!  My aunt used to do that and put them in quart jars in water and tuck them away in a window in a little potting shed.  She would leave them there all winter and have new plants in the spring!

When Miss Phoebe was just a toddler, I started putting little figurines in these planters. One year I used a bunch of ceramic chickens, another year I had ceramic fish from the dollar store. This is the second year I've put these thrift shop figurines in the boxes. See Pinkie and Blue Boy?

If you'd like to see the tablescape shown in the first picture, 
click through right here!

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