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Red Pepper Stuffed Chicken Breasts

I have had the most delicious sweet red peppers in my CSA bags almost all summer long! I've also had an abundance of tiny yellow tomatoes. This chicken breast recipe comes from the combination of the two! I simply cut a slit in the side of a big chicken breast half and stuffed it with slices of red pepper and mozzarella pearls. Nothing more.  I used picks to secure the closure and roasted the breast in the oven at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. This breast was about 8 ounces ... smaller ones would take less roasting time.  You can salt and pepper the breast, if you'd like.  I didn't.

Just look how that cheese oozes out! This breast would easily have made two servings. While roasting the chicken, I also roasted a few additional slices of pepper and topped the breast with a good scoop of my roasted tomatoes.  The flavors of the peppers and tomatoes are wonderful ... and really added a perfect sweetness to the menu. Speaking of sweetness ... I added roasted sweet potato to the plate and with a little fresh salad greens, had a great dinner menu.

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