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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More than Anything Else on Earth!

A recent Sunday dinner at Miss Phoebe's house was a special celebration! 
Got-cha Day is very important in our family ... because we are blessed with an adopted angel! When I arrived, Miss Phoebe was all decked out in "dress up" jewelry and a party dress ... and heels!

A couple years ago, Phoebe began choosing her own party theme for this special day! She spent lots of time with me this summer and we talked a lot about loving our family. I told her many times that I loved her "more than anything else on earth" and she'd ask ... "even more than my mom?" ... and I would explain that her mom was grown up now and didn't need as much love from me!

I was not surprised when she said she wanted to celebrate the EARTH for her special day ... and less surprised when she told me that I could bake a cake that looked like the world! She thinks I can cook and make anything!

Of course, I baked a big flat round cake (we know the earth isn't flat!) and found some cookie cutters for the continents! I baked sugar cookies tinted with a little green coloring. I took all the components to Phoebe's house, so she could help me finish it!

Those are fish shaped sprinkles in the ocean ... and not all the flags are in the right places ... One of my Canadian friends needs to send me a little flag from Canada!

Here's my cute homemade card for Phoebe ... We crafted all summer, using my Cricut and lots of embellishments!  Phoebe's gifts included a new globe and several books ... and a new bike! Her long legs and finally outgrown her first bike!

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  1. Happy birthday to Miss Phoebe! She looks like she's grown so much and is so pretty.
    I love the cake made by her heroin-grammy and yes, it sure looks like you can do anything with your magic hands. She looks and happy and sure satisfied as how the cake came out.
    Hugs to both,

  2. I love that sweet Phoebe chose the earth. What a cutie she is! The cake turned out so darn fun! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you are having a great day and come back soon!
    Miz Helen


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