Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Fantastic Tres Leches Cake!

I've been looking for a really good cake that I can make a few of ... to serve at a banquet dinner that my daughter and I will prepare for about 50 people! I've found it. I've been baking poke cakes since the 1970s and have been making frosting using frozen whipped topping and instant pudding since we all started making the infamous Watergate Cake! So, it seems natural to bake this yummy cake!  If you haven't tried this new cake mix, you should.  It has a wonderful packet of powdered milk sauce that you mix with milk and pour over the cake, after it cools a bit and you poke plenty of fork holes in it!

I baked the cake according to the package instructions, but I added a few drops of orange flavoring and a cup of flaked coconut. Look closely at this picture and you can see the extra moist channels of the milk sauce soaking into the cake!

While the cake was refrigerated for the first 2 hours, so the sauce could set ... I made the frosting. That was simple! I mixed a 12 ounce can of mandarin oranges with the juice ... with a small box of instant coconut pudding. Save a few oranges for garnish, if you'd like. Then fold in a cup of flaked coconut and a small container of whipped topping. You could drop in a little orange food coloring ... but I chose not to do that. You can ice the whole cake, or just a piece at a time. Everything needs to be kept in the fridge!

Every single bite was scrumptious, melt in your mouth, goodness! 

I'll be sharing this recipe and post at some of the parties listed in my sidebar! Before you click through ... take a look at my home page to see my other posts!

Have a great week ahead! Hope the sun shines in your neck of the woods!

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