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The GW Boutique!

My daughter and I haul tons of stuff to the Goodwill store and sometimes we just have to go in the front door and see what kind of junk they have ... that we need! I'm always looking for books for Miss Phoebe, but sometimes I find things that amaze me!  

My latest finds from the "G W Boutique" include a k-kup caddie, this cute pitcher and the two glass dishes.

This k-kup holder (on the left) is exactly like one I already have. I paid a big paper dollar for the one from GW and paid $18 for the one hanging (right) on my wall! 
I don't need these glass relish dishes, but I bought them anyway. I have a plan for them. I think I'll just stash them and have them available to give as a little gift with a jar of home canned pickles or relish.

That would make a good door prize for a women's club meeting.

Phoebe was with us at our Federated Women's Club meeting several months ago when we were planning our meetings for the upcoming year. She volunteered to host one of the meetings! She is just eight years old, but all the ladies thought that was wonderful! Maybe we'll give these away at Phoebe's meeting in June!

I don't plan to part with this "made in Spain" pitcher. I love the fact that it is pink. I have a set of solid pink dinnerware that I plan to use for my annual Cinco de Mayo supper!

Phoebe and I will make paper flowers and a paper banner to use as decorations! Cricut will help us out and we will use this pitcher filled with flowers as the central focus of the decorations!

Instead of using bright primary colors for our party, we'll use soft pastels!

You'll see that post in the near future.

Hope you enjoyed this post about one of my favorite pastimes ... junking!  I'll share it with a few of the parties listed in my sidebar, but make sure you hang around long enough to visit the rest of my posts! Just go to my home page.


  1. How fun to find things you "need" at such a great price! And Phoebe, she is going to be the host with the most, with your help of course, can't wait to see how it all looks. Sounds fun.

  2. Now I know what to do with the pickle dishes I have been collecting! I can use them as a hostess gift with a jar of homemade pickles...thanks for the idea.
    Love the pitcher.
    Phoebe will make a great little hostess!
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. If I lived close, I'd arm wrestle for that pitcher from Spain...SCORE !

  4. Great finds. Good idea on using some as gifts.

  5. You found some great treasures at the GW boutique (!), hope Phoebe's meeting is a blast!


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