Galvanized Tiered Tray!

I'm afraid I've been coveting my neighbors' galvanized tiered trays! They are all over blogland and when I saw one at Sam's Club, I splurged and brought it home! It was a little bigger than I realized, so when I put it on my kitchen counter, I decided that it had to contain some practical things, as well as, some cute stylish things! Miss Phoebe comes to my house after school a couple days a week, so we have plenty of snacks handy and this makes a cute place to put some of those things.

I loved the fact that the trays were oval!

It sure didn't take too long to fill it up. Paper plates and napkins are really handy and the long red dishes are things I use frequently to hold snacks for Miss Phoebe. Who doesn't have bananas on the counter someplace?!

Blue Bunny might be my favorite addition to the tray! She holds sweetener!

Nuts are always on my grocery list! I've decided that I really like the kind of flavored whole cashews that Aldi's carries sometimes! Honey coated and the Black Pepper Lime are the best ones!

I wanted to have a couple conversation starters on display in my tray because my friends hover around this counter when I'm in the kitchen! In keeping with my recent new addition to spoolies, I've included some wooden mill machine bobbins. Aren't they neat? 

 I included woven coasters and a small candle holder shaped like a yard light. I found that at a collectible shop and loved it because of the chicken on the fence. Of course, I have a pig in my tray! It is a bag clip!

My cherry tree is in full bloom today, so I brought a few of the blossoms inside! Miss Phoebe has enjoyed picking flowers at my house since the time she was old enough to toddle over to the rose bed! She learned about "prickly thorn bushes" from one of the Back Yardigans television shows, so she always asked for help. As a result, I've acquired a collection of tiny vases, so her little hands could carry a bouquet home!

So, here's my practical galvanized tiered tray. I've collected several new galvanized pieces this spring and I'll show them in a post on another day! I may party with some of the links listed in my sidebar, so make sure you click through to see more creative things!  Happy Springtime!

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