Buttercup Inspiration

I recently set a table that would have been perfect for a bunch of high school or college graduates!  I really wanted to challenge myself with some colors that are unusual for me and when I saw this set of table linens at TJM, I knew it was what I was looking for!   Gray and buttercup yellow!  I never use those colors.

This pattern is pretty contemporary, but I don't do much outside of traditional or country and I'd been wanting to make a centerpiece with canning jars and burlap, so I decided to combine it all!  I also wanted to make a statement with my tablescape and while shopping for art supplies for Miss Phoebe, I found some little stones with inspirational words on them!  

Imagine - Dare - Dream - Believe - Inspire - Do It!

So I began with a roll of burlap ribbon. I unraveled the edges and wrapped 5 jars.  I glued stones on two sides on some of them.

I shopped my stash of silk flowers to find all the pale yellow I could and created a light country look of wild flowers.  The centerpiece is tall, but easy to see through so it didn't cause a problem at the table!

I had a bag of tiny pebbles and I filled the jars about halfway. That helps secure the stems and holds everything in place.

Five jars ... filled with pebbles and silk flowers ... and when I'm finished with them, they can be taken apart and everything re-purposed another time!

Here's a closer look at the floral elements ... two giant flowers ... sprigs of vines, a couple unusual curling fronds and two little bunches of marigolds.

I used my Princess House Fantasia dinnerware for this table.  My pattern is "Poinsettia", but those Christmas flowers look just like the big flowers in the table linens!  Nobody ever knows that my Fantasia are Christmas dishes!  I use it year-round and enjoy mixing other patterns of Fantasia with it.  I paid too much money for my original set of Fantasia, but I have found serving pieces, mugs and glasses at flea markets and thrift shops.  People don't know what it is and it typically has a low price!   I also used some of my Milk Glass on this table.  It always says country to me!  The matte silver chargers helped bring out the gray in linens.

I made the napkin rings with the burlap ribbon, simply by folding and gluing.  I glued an inspirational stone to each one, so each guest had something to ponder! This theme guarantees positive table talk!

Imagine - Dare - Dream - Believe - Inspire - Do It!

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