Fresh Dill Encrusted Pork Chops!

I love dill and I love boneless pork chops! I cut my own from the whole pork loin, so I have the thickness that I like ... and because it is less expensive to do that. I'm sure you do that, too! Another bargain I stock up on are the containers of Cantadina bread crumbs. I can usually find those for just $1 a box. For these chops, I used the Four Cheese flavor of bread crumbs, and I added chopped dill to the crumbs. All I do is dip the pork chops in egg wash, then in the crumbs. I baked these at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes, turning them once. At the same time, I roasted a few chunks of green cabbage, with a little oil drizzled over it. I sprinkled fresh dill on the cabbage, too! I can never get enough of dill!

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