Luke Chapter 24 - He is Risen

Luke Chapter 24

In this final chapter of the Gospel of Luke, we read about the resurrection of Jesus.  God’s power gives Him new life so He could communicate with His followers and others.

The women went to the tomb, hoping to dress His body with their herbs and oils, but found the tomb to be empty.  They wee astonished and when two angels appeared to them outside the tomb, they were told that Jesus had risen.  

Jesus encounters two men walking to another town and he listens to their conversation, which was about what had happened to Him. The scripture says that they did not recognize Jesus until he sat with them at their table to eat. 

Jesus then visited with His disciples, who did not recognize Him at first. When they finally did recognize Him, they were reluctant to believe that it was actually Him.   He reminded all these people that what He had taught … that all the things told in the Old Testament had to happen. That He had to be killed, so He could be resurrected and ascend to Heaven.  Everything else that occurs can only happen after these events happen.  Jesus left their presence saying Peace be with you.

The Disciples and the women returned to Jerusalem to tell what they knew.  The message of Jesus … salvation through the forgiveness of our sins … is to be told around the world and it began that day in Jerusalem.

In twenty-four chapters, Luke tells us everything we need to know about the life and the message of Jesus. Luke leaves us with the knowledge that God is great and merciful and that we should thank God for the gift of his Son. The Jesus Movement continues.
My take-away from this chapter is that I should not be surprised that people struggle as they come to salvation.  The followers of Jesus … people who had been with Him through His ministry … couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Him after He had risen.  He had told them over and over what was going to happen.  It had been prophesied and was written in the Old Testament, but they clearly did not believe Him.  Finally, they believed and could share the news.

Let’s Cook!

Let’s look at meals for Dr. Luke.  He really did seem to enjoy weaving his writings around meals.  On this Christmas Eve, as you read my post, search “Easter” in my blog and you’ll see several posts about my family’s Easter Dinners.  

A couple dozen people have followed these blog posts about the Gospel of Luke.  Some have sent me text messages and others have sent emails telling me that they needed to have this to read this season. 

I wrote these because I needed to write them this season.  Christmas is not an easy holiday for folks who have things going on in their lives … things that cause them to have trouble finding the Christmas spirit.  We know who we are.  If reading my posts helped in any little way … I’m glad. 

I think the overall take-away from the Gospel of Luke … in the big picture of life and living … is to be assured that what we experience in this life was carved in stone at the beginning of time.  That is hard to imagine that God planned all these things for us … the good and the bad.  I don’t dwell on it, but I believe it … and I believe that everything that happens really does happen for a reason.  I also believe that we might have to get much older and wiser to discover the reasoning, if we ever do!

I’m also certain that the birth of that little Baby in that stable in Bethlehem was a glorious miracle that launched a movement that changed the world.  We probably need to be reminded of that these days, but we can be assured that in the midst of all the political bitterness … in all the evil and danger we see daily … there is a Heaven.  I’m not sure where it is … maybe up there, may right here in another dimension, but it is a place waiting for us, when the right time comes.

We should celebrate Christmastime all year long.  I think I do!  Merry Christmas!

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