Lots of Basil!

Phoebe convinced me to move all my planters filled with herbs to the front yard this spring. She was just working on our "chair garden" and wanted to fill the spot with as much as we could! She had no idea that the sun would be better in the front. Our shade trees have gotten so huge in the back yard ... we don't have enough sun in my old planting spots! Wow! Do we ever have an abundance of basil ... two kinds .. cinnamon and Italian sweet basil. So, I'm clipping and freezing and today I decided to make a batch of pesto and a little vinegar with some of the purple cinnamon basil flowers.

My pesto recipe isn't anything special ... I made tons of it when I owned an Italian restaurant, so I just throw it together now ... 35 years later!  I had a colander full of basil leaves, so I threw them into the food processor with a cup of walnuts pieces and another cup of parmesean cheese. After chopping it, I slowly added olive oil until it reached the consistency I wanted.  I store my pesto in a jar in the refrigerator, but you can also freeze small portions of it if you like. It doesn't last long at my house, so no need to freeze it! I can always make more!

I'll post some of the ways I use pesto in upcoming weeks, but here is one simple way to make a flavorful focaccia-style appetizer or bread to accompany a meal. This is actually angel biscuit dough! Blogging friends usually email me and ask me what I do with all the angel biscuit dough when I make it ... here is one way to use it ... and pizza crust is another way. I simply spread a chunk of the dough on an oiled sheet and slathered the top with the pesto. 
I baked it at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.  Doesn't take too long!

I'll be posting this wit ha couple of the parties on my sidebar, but make sure you stick around my home page to see my other posts ... before moving on! If you'd like to see Phoebe's "chair garden" just click through right here!

If you need a recipe for Angel Biscuits, it is included in this post.

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