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Monster Pizza!

I have a batch of Angel Biscuit dough in the fridge and one of my favorite things to make with it is pizza!  Phoebe and I made a little monster pizza for our lunch one day this week and here's how easy it was!

We just plopped a hunk of the dough on an oiled baking sheet and pushed it into a misshaped form! That makes it look like a monster.  The sauce is a package of my homemade pasta sauce that I froze awhile ago. I use enough ground beef, onions and peppers in it that you don't have to add anything else for topping. Then we added lots of mozzarella cheese, so it would be all gooey when it was done.  Bake this at 350 degrees for about twelve minutes. It doesn't take it long to get nice and brown.

You'll find a recipe for Angel Biscuit Dough in this post ... and you can visit my homemade pasta sauce post right here!