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Monday, June 19, 2017

BBQ Chicken Legs!

Who doesn't love BBQ chicken?  Oh, I'm sure there are lots of folks who don't ... but I can honestly tell you that I don't know one!  As an empty nest grandma, I cook for just one, so for a normal meal, I sure don't need to cook a whole chicken. Legs are my favorite pieces ... so it is a batch of legs that I will cook!

Several years ago, I bought a couple drumstick racks for the grill.  They really make the job super easier. All you have to do is set the legs over medium heat, close the lid on your grill and let the legs cook for about 45 minutes.  After they are done, I take them off the rack, dip them in my favorite BBQ sauce and place the legs directly on the grill, so the sauce gets thick and blackens a little.
Why is this easy? Because all you have to do is turn the rack one time so the legs cook evenly on all sides. Other than that, you can go about the business of mowing grass, cleaning the kitchen or just sitting in the lounge chair, relaxing!

I served my drumsticks with a baked potato and an easy iceberg lettuce salad, topped with marinated olives, pepperoni and chunks of asiago cheese.  I'll be sharing this post with a few parties shown in my sidebar, so make sure you click through to see the other posts!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


When I've had a busy day at work, I don't come home and cook for myself.  I cooked dinner for 35 years, but now that I set just one place at the table, I don't see a real reason to do it.  When I do, it better happen in less than 10 minutes, or I go right to the freezer for one of those little boxes!

I am a fan of pasta with no sauce ... I like it sauteed in a little butter or infused olive or avocado oil!  It just takes a tiny amount to give it a delightful flavor.  So ... in 7 minutes tonight, I made one of my favorites ... Spinach with Angel Hair Pasta!

All you have to do is saute a couple cups of fresh spinach in a pat of butter ... while the pasta is cooking.  I want a fresh flavor, so I only add lemon juice and a few pieces of lemon peel.  Then I toss it all together after the pasta is drained and sprinkle on a few bleu cheese crumbles.  It takes longer to clean up the dishes than it does to cook the meal!

Sunday, June 11, 2017


It was time to do some serious back yard work and put up a new flag ... so I can properly dispose of the old flag at a Flag Day ceremony next week!  Of course, a new flag was something to celebrate, so I had to set a cute snack table.

I saved a few fruit boxes last summer, just to use for serving quick snacks. If you remember the days when real little woven baskets were used ... you must be at least as old as I am!  I still have some of those from a agriculture basket factory that was located near our home.

Our fried donuts always come right from a can of biscuit dough ... or from Angel Biscuit dough, if I have it in the fridge!

I'm afraid the Pioneer Woman got me again ... with the red checked dishes. I'm giving lots of stuff to charity this summer, so I am justifying a few PW purchases!  My galvanized tin pig likes sitting on the table with some worn garden ornaments!

I might share with some of the parties on my sidebar, so take a look at the other posts!  Have a great week!

Sunday, June 4, 2017


When Joe and I were first married, we bought a double A-Frame home that was located in the middle of a 40-acre stand of oak trees.  Needless to say, owls found refuge in the timber ... and on one of our first nights there, a couple of them decided to make lots of noise!  They were "courting", as my daddy would say ... and they startled us!  Not long after, we shopped for oil paintings and Joe found the perfect painting to hang near the top of the 30 foot tall fireplace chimney! That beautiful painting remains with me, and if you want to see it, click right here to see the owl I've loved for 40 years.

For now, let me share something else that is pretty cute!  I moved a couple of my garden owls inside to create a tablescape in the sunroom!

This tablescape evolved from a place mat purchase from Wal-Mart!  I love this paper art style of design.

I frequently use books ... especially cookbooks ... in tablescapes.  I don't buy many cookbooks anymore, but I still love the ones I have.  I enjoy their company at the dinner table!

I splurged this summer for a set of Melamine plates ... a big $2.50 each at Big Lots!  They set a pretty table.  Napkins are Pioneer Woman and the glassware is Fostoria Virginia pattern from the 1980s.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


This is certainly not traditional Italian Lasagna, but here's a little story! Growing up in a German - Scottish family in a very small Southern Illinois town, it is probably no surprise that when I was first married, I had never tasted lasagna. Neither had my husband, but he knew what it was and suggested I add it to my list of new recipes!  He loved to eat, and he loved to watch me learning to cook for him!

I shopped at a small neighborhood grocery store that I had grown up shopping at with my mother.  Joe loved their fresh meat counter, their hand mixed pork sausage and the fact that we could have steaks and roasts cut exactly like we wanted them.  It was at Buck's Grocery Store that I found a package of square German-style noodles ... that had a recipe for lasagna on the back!  This lasagna recipe had a homemade meat sauce recipe included and it called for cottage cheese.

I should note that my German Grandmother made a noodle dish that included cottage cheese, so this was nothing unusual for me. Back then, in my little town, you couldn't find a pint of ricotta cheese (even though Grandma made something similar).  Click right here if you want to see my post for Grandma's Cottage Noodles.

Ok ... back to today's recipe.  It is made with left-overs!  I had 2 little chicken tenders left from another dish. I almost always have a bag of fresh spinach getting old in the fridge! I had artichoke hearts left from making Phoebe's favorite dip! Cottage cheese is a staple at my house and I always have a container of nice, thick German-style noodles.  I use them for lots of things!

Chicken & Artichoke Lasagna

Mix together:
1 cup of chopped cooked chicken
2 cups of fresh baby spinach leaves
1 cup of cottage cheese
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1/2 cup chopped artichoke hearts in oil
1 egg, whisked

Begin layering using 2 cups of cooked noodles ... adding the chicken mixture, a layer of mozzarella cheese, more noodles, more chicken mixture. Top with a little more parmesan and a few pieces of mozzarella cheese.

Pour 1 cup of half and half over the top of these layers.

Cover with foil

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.  I used my NuWave, so 30 minutes finished mine!

END OF STORY:  Later in our marriage, Joe and I bought an Italian Steakhouse!  I made my lasagna by the "tons" ... sure seemed like that much, anyway!


I use red, white and blue all summer long for tablescapes.  Occasionally, I'll set something different, but I really like the patriotic impact of this color combination.

To be ready to set the table in a hurry, I put dinnerware on the baker's rack that sits by my backdoor!  Grab and set the table on the back deck.  It is easy!