Corn Dogs at Home!

After spending 35 years working in the tourism industry, I can tell you that carnivals and outdoor events are no longer my favorite thing! However, I love the occasional taste of fair food ... 

So when I saw this machine that makes making corn dogs in the kitchen a breeze, I had to have one! No more frying.

I ordered mine from and the mix is sold right along with it, so order it, too! The instructions are very clear. I used Oscar Meyer bun length hot dogs and cut them in half so they fit perfectly in the machine. You mix the breading with a cup of water, pour a little in each slot, lay the dog in and pour a little more over the top. Snap it shut and let it bake. Notice that I used a mozzarella stick, too ... because one of us doesn't like corn dogs!

It is fun ... and makes perfect corn sticks, too.

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