Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Oceanside Family Room

Our family room needed a little freshening for summertime.  Living in the Midwest far from the oceans, we always made Myrtle Beach our vacation spot.  I don't plan to go there this summer, but decided it might be fun to transform a few spots in my house into perfect reminders! The red beach chair was the inspiration for all this activity!

I've had this cute red miniature beach chair for several years. You've probably seen it on tablescapes in the past! This summer it will hold two of my patriotic friends who will keep watch over all the fun Miss Phoebe and I plan to have! She is anxiously awaiting a big vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama ... complete with cousins and aunts and uncles! The whole young extended family rented a big beach house! It is a good thing that the "planning and anticipating" are important parts of vacations ... because she sure is doing that ... between dips in the pool!

That great sofa pillow is actually an outdoor pillow, but two of them found their way inside! MeMutt doesn't care what kind of sofa pillows we have ... as long as he gets to lounge with them!

One of the first things I did was swap out this light weight red rug for the wooly thick wintery rug I typically have here. That brightened up everything quickly!

Then I added a few touches to the coffee table! Seashell napkins because we have plenty of snacks around that table! The baskets remind me of my Charleston seagrass baskets which are displayed in another part of the house! The candle is sitting in a pretty dish I bought this summer at Kirkland's. I grabbed it because it had RED coral in it. Have to have red at my house!

The miniature red beach chair landed on the sofa table with a white lantern. I filled the lantern with battery operated white lights for fun ... and I still have some of my mini scrapbooks on display. I am loving that new hobby and am just about ready to start making Christmas albums, which I plan to sell!

The vignette on top of this wooden cabinet is a combination of a few things. The anchor, crock and sign came from Kirkland's. The Black Labrador at the beach print came from Big Lot's. I love it when I find cool things at Big Lot's! The envelopes in the crock are filled with some really nice beach scents.

"Life is a Beach" says so much!

"Loved you Once, Love you Still ... Always have and Always will"  is one of my favorites.

I'll be sharing this post with a few of the parties listed in my sidebar. I hope you'll visit my home page before you click through ... because you might find something you'll enjoy!

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