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Vintage Lace & Ribbons

I recently found a big box of vintage lace and ribbons at my favorite collectible shop. It came from a florist that had closed down years ago in a neighboring town, so I decided it was at least 25 years old! Just from the style, it seemed that way. Miss Phoebe and I do lots of crafting, so I knew we would use it. My first project was to embellish some glitter Easter Eggs. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Here's a couple collages ... showing the ribbon and the flowers.

I'll be sharing with a few of the parties listed on my sidebar! Make sure you stick around and visit my other posts. You might like my eggs covered with sheet music ... they are right here! Be sure you click through to the parties to see all the other creative entries.


  1. Nice job! These look like they were lots of fun to make. I am bad about using things sometimes - I end up hording them waiting for the perfect project then they end up forgotten in a closet. Very pretty project.

  2. What a fun find! And they really added a lot to the glitter eggs! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. The lace is beautiful your eggs turned out wonderful.

  4. I love all your spring decor and I especially love the spoolie you made me for the spoolie swap! Thank you so much!


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