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Comfort Food

Blue with the Green!

It's just about time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and I have all kinds of blue going on! Why? Well, I'm only partly Irish and a bigger part of me comes from Scotland. So, we incorporate our Douglas Blue Tartan into our St. Patrick's Day decor. You'll see the real tartan in an upcoming dinner party post, but for now, enjoy my plaids! 
You do know that St. Patrick was actually from Scotland, don't you?

I'm having a little family dinner party, so I've decorated the fireplace mantel in the dining room. I just puffed the three plaids on the mantel to create the theme.
Cricut helped me with the "LUCK" and the rosettes. I love using tiny clothes pins!

My favorite part of the cuties on the mantel are the old man and woman salt and pepper shakers in the following picture. I bought them recently and they still have a gold sticker on them that says "Official Souvenir of Long Beach, CA"! My sister and her family lived in Long Beach for years ... far from Southern Illinois where I live ... and found these in an antique store! If any of you have a clue what they have to do with Long Beach, please leave me a note!

I've had my Cricut out working hard ... since the first week of January! I've been making adorable mini scrapbooks and elements for spoolies! I thought the rosettes would be cute pinned to my fabric on the mantel! Who doesn't want all the Irish LUCK they can get?!

Here are the other elements of the composed mantelscape! Isn't the little bean pot cute? It's hand-thrown pottery. I love using my cornhusk dolls whenever I can fit them into the theme! I painted the wire cloche to match the theme. I bought several of those a few years ago at HL when they were 90% off and have painted them a dozen different colors!

The Irish are known for their rhyming prayers, but I like my message much better! Here's hoping you find it easy to live in grace! I'll be sharing my post with some of the blog parties I've listed at the bottom of my sidebar. Click through to see the other creative posts!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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