Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Snow Bunny!

Let me introduce you to Jimmy Mutt Moore, also known as MeMutt ... and now known as Snow Bunny Wannabe!  We ended up with another foot of snow yesterday ... and he just didn't want to come back inside.  He was nosing around the deck ... pushing snow away from the places where the chipmunks go under the deck to hide from him and make their way to Heaven knows where!

Phoebe called Jimmy Mutt "MeMutt" before she could really talk.  She couldn't say "Jimmy" ... so we just got the "Me"!  He is an indoor dog and nothing I used coaxed him in ... not even a windmill cookie!  Phoebe spent half her snow day with me and I'm sure she had already fed him a few cookies, so one more meant nothing to him!

He finally came inside, but not until snow and ice was caked on his back!

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