Sunflowers on a Rainy Day!

Rain has set in for a week in Southern Illinois, but that didn't keep us from having a nice pork burger lunch!  George Foreman came to the rescue!  I like to set a pretty table ... even when the table is the kitchen bar!  I also love these cute plates ... Pistoulet from Pfaltzgraff.  I think they call them buffet plates, but they are the perfect size for sandwiches.  I like them because they aren't the normal sunflower colors.  The green is more mint than grass green ... and the pink/purple dots soften the overall color scheme!  Love them!

Thought I'd get rid of some of the rainy day gloom and light a pretty candle on the end of the bar.  My lantern has a flameless candle in it ... and the sunflowers with the lavender pink accents came from my stash of silk flowers!

The place setting is simple, colorful and pleasant.  The soft green placemats set the pace for the greens in the plate ... and the small green leaf.  I bought these leaves as a set of five in a collectible shop.  They are not ashtrays because there is no indentation for a cigarette ... and they aren't large enough to be a coaster.  I finally decided they were intended as a mint dish ... or for tea bags or tea balls ... since they seem to be shaped like a mint leaf.  If you know what they are ... tell us!

The pink flatware picks up the pink dots in the plates and on the mugs ... and the pink/purple stemmed glasses brighten up the pinks!  Guess where I found the glasses?  No, not in my storage ... but at Goodwill!  Didn't pay much for them ... didn't need them .. but bought them anyway!


Somebody likes stemmed glasses!

I've always had my meat man grind pork for me so it is lean, but the other day he told me that now they grind all pork as 90% lean.  We like pork burgers as much as we like beef burgers .... maybe more.  I just season mine with one of my favorite bbq rubs and a little Accent.  We like ours with bbq sauce, but use whatever condiments you prefer!  I'm frequently asked for my recipe for macaroni salad.  I know that is hard to imagine, because we all make it ... and probably all do it a little differently.  Mine is extra good because I use home canned sweet pickle relish in it ... but other than that ... I use the simple recipe with mayonnaise, a little mustard, onion, relish, a couple boiled eggs, cheddar cheese chunks and something crunchy like frozen peas or raw cauliflower ... or both.   Pretty simple ... and any kind of pasta will work.

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