Little Red Brick Ranch Front Porch!

I decided it was time to put a little Fourth of July decor on the front porch ... and most everything in and outside of my house is red and/or blue ... so all I had to do was shop my storage!

I added a cute little mesh wreath to the already heavily adorned cottage flower bed!  I have a neighbor who is from England ... and he named my hodgepodge rose bed a "cottage flower bed" many years ago!  When I say hodgepodge, that is exactly what I mean ... my dad secretly planted garlic chives on one end when I first started planting rose bushes in the spot ... and my husband planted blackberries on the other end!  Miss Phoebe an I add the extra things ... like pigs! Why not?  Whatever makes you happy!

I can never get enough red!  I've painted this wire cloche and the rabbits a half dozen different colors ... and I've had them for several years! This summer is a red summer!

The white cart is actually a TV cart and the top swivels ... It makes a perfect side board when we eat on the wicker table ... and that is a favorite place for tea parties!  I haven't decided what to do with my little wooden chair.  I bought it at Goodwill a few years ago ... and the detail on the back was more visible.  I've had it sitting on the porch with flowers in the seat ... and the finish has worn off.  May paint it red!  If I antique it, the detail will fill in with dark stain ... or I could use a fine brush and paint the detail!  Any ideas?

I added a patriotic bow to the galvanized bucket of red and white striped daisies ... and gave the rabbits ... who are always on the porch ...  a flag and a star wreath!

I made a patriotic centerpiece for the front porch wicker table ... and I included solar lights ... so it lights up at night!  Pretty easy and cute!

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