Poppies Grow

If you follow my blog, you know that I frequently use tablescapes and other elements of home decor as teaching moments.  I have always had a few places in my home that I decorate for even insignificant holidays or special times in history.  Just a little change gets the attention of the little ones and often opens conversation about things that children need to learn. Sometimes, the adults learn new things ... too!

About a year ago, Phoebe was riding in the car with me when we were stopped at an intersection and asked for a donation in exchange for the Veterans of Foreign Wars' Buddy Poppy.  It was a flower, so immediately Phoebe wanted it and she wanted to know why the men were "selling" them.  We had a big conversation about donations and the VFW.  I decided she wasn't old enough to hear the whole story of the poppies and I also decided that I would create a time when we could talk about the poppies later.  She probably still isn't old enough to know too many of the details, but we'll see.

Canadian, John McCrae was a physician and a surgeon/soldier in WWI during the Second Battle of Ypres in Belgium.  Some of the most horrendous battles were fought at this location in the Flanders region of Belgium and across the border in France. It was during these battles that the first weapons of mass destruction were used.There were well over 100,000 casualties of the poison gas.  McCrae wrote the beautiful poem, In Flanders' Fields. The poem prompted the use of the paper poppies in many countries ... as a method of reminding us of the losses of war. I think you should read the whole story of the poppies at this link.  It is important that our children understand the significance of the red poppy, so they know they aren't just being "sold" in front of the big box stores. 

Remembering what happened a 
hundred years ago and pondering the cost of freedom is always an important lesson to teach ... and to learn.

I use patriotic red, white and blue in my decor all summer long ... and sometimes, I have a patriotic Christmas Tree in one of my rooms! I've incorporated red poppies into the floral pieces this summer, so I can keep telling the story of the reason for the poppies.  First to be decorated is my dining room fireplace mantle.  I'll show it to you this week, then later on ... you'll see the matching tablescape.  I've been enjoying a little time to make some cute flowers.  and added a some other handmade things, too!

I've had the hand painted hearts in the upper right corner of this picture ... for years.  I just picked up the other sign and the bottles at Big Lots!  I love that place for inexpensive decorative items.  

I'm really pleased with my handmade flowers that I attached to candles ... and the styro balls I wrapped.  I use pins on things like that, so I can take them apart later and repurpose everything!  I found the red, white and blue strands of Christmas Tree garland at my favorite collectible shop a couple weeks ago and knew exactly what I was going to do with it.  For 25 cents a strand ... I bought all they had!  Here's a better look at these cute things!

Here are my poppies.  You'll see more of them in a future post ... but for now, a simple statement.  Remember.  My daughter recently posted something about her favorite WWII veteran ... Her grandfather.  You might want to visit her blog.

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