O Canada!

Are you surprised that a tablescaper hobby historian in Southern Illinois is celebrating Canada Day?  If you follow me, nothing should surprise you about the themes that end up on my table.  I first thought about having this little celebratory meal when I posted Poppies Grow because it was a Canadian who wrote the beautiful poem about the poppies growing in Flanders Field ... and now poppies have become an important symbol in many countries.  Then I remembered that I had given a collection of small flags from around the world to Miss Phoebe a few years ago, because she was just crazy about flags.  So, "teaching moment" came to mind ... and then I found a book about all the flags around the world ... at Goodwill of all places ... and that sinched the plan to celebrate Canada Day with a cute tablescape and a special meal.

Canada's flag is an easy one to remember for the little scholars because of the red and white colors and the maple leaf.  The colors make it pretty easy to set a table, too ... especially if you decorate your house using red and white ... like I do.  So the tablescape was pretty easy to put together and since this meal is probably just for Miss Phoebe and me ... I set the table on the sunporch.  Not much sun here on this rainy day, however ... so shadows are in the pictures!

Those red and white striped flowers are from Walmart and you'll see them again in the next week ... but they were perfect to pluck from the bush and make napkin rings for the bright red napkins.  A tablescaper's dream ... Mikasa's "Garden" patterns in white end up on lots of my tables!  Red goblets to hold iced icewine tea ... and the small red cordials will hold shrimp cocktail with red sauce ... because Phoebe loves it!

My first trip to Canada included a stop at a downtown local wine and artisans' cheese festival in Windsor ... so I'll use some goat cheese from Canada to stuff under the skin of a game hen for our meal.  I plan to end it with pancake puffs drizzled with ... of course ... maple syrup from Canada!  

I recently found this galvanized tall bucket at a junk shop and turned it into a vase for this cute table.

Most of my tables end up with a pig of some sort ... nestled into the centerpiece or hidden someplace!  This one is no exception ... and the pig came from Target years ago ... but the cow is a recent purchase from Kohl's from the Food TV line of very cute things!

I hope you've enjoyed my little Canada Day celebration.  Miss Phoebe and I will have a nice meal and a big discussion about Canada and the flag.  We might let her mom and dad come, too!

I'll be sharing this post with a party or two ... and they are on this long list!  Click through to see all the other neat posts.

Happy Canada Day from Southern Illinois!
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