Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Pink Saturday Pearls and A Pink Belle

Today, I went on a girls' outing to a neighboring state ... to an antique mall we love and I specifically shopped for Pink Saturday!  I'm linking with the party, so don't forget to click through to see the other posts!  I set up this cute vignette on the end of my kitchen table!  I'll enjoy looking at it for awhile.

The figurine is what first caught my eye.  I loved the layers of ruffles on her dress!   Then I found the cute trinket box ... and then I found the Johnson Brothers creamer in that beautiful soft pink color.  If they'd had a whole set of those dishes ... I would have hauled them home!

Now ... the gorgeous big pink pearls in the lower left of the collage did not come from the antique mall.  I've had a live-in jeweler for 35 years!  My husband ... as a hobby ... has always worked with jewelry.  He's strung .. and individually knotted ... pearls for me in every color.  These pink ones are my favorite!

Happy Pink Saturday!  If you haven't seen my new dining room furniture, go to my home page and take a look at my other posts!  Don't we love our blogging friends?!!!

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