Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Summer Cloche Party on the Porch!

I'm excited to participate in this week's Summer Cloche Party at a Stroll Thru Life!  Make sure you click through to see all the other posts ... and special thanks to our hostess.

I'm excited because I'm finally unveiling a little re-do of my front porch ... since I have a couple of cute cage cloches!  I'm featuring lots of things that I've acquired while 'junking' as my dad always called it!  Hope you enjoy!  You'll notice that I'm ready for Autumn!  It's been pretty hot lately and a few days of cooler temperatures would be welcomed ... but it's wishful thinking!

I splurged on new cushions for everything and I love the deep red background of the fabric.  The flowers are creamy beige and soft yellow mums and geraniums and look nice with my gold shutters.  I also finally found the dining chairs that I've been looking for ... for a couple years.  I bought the table without chairs, because I didn't like the ones that were featured with it!  Pier 1 had the perfect chairs this season!

This gorgeous wrought iron cage on a stand is one of my collectible store finds.  I brought it home and put it on the porch.  It didn't need any repairs or a paint job.  Miss Phoebe thinks we should keep our rabbits in it!

This cute basket and the cage are from GoodWill!  The basket is outdoor wicker with a plastic lined bottom.  It is perfectly outdoor proof.

These cute chairs all came from GoodWill ... except the pottie chair!  Aren't they cute?  The three bears would be pretty comfortable!

I always have pigs on display someplace!  I bought this chair with intentions of painting it ... but I liked the original paint job ... so didn't touch it.   I've filled the little doll cradle with ferns ... and the cradle came from GoodWill, too!

So, here's the porch, complete with a couple cage cloches!  It's been too hot to spend much time on the front porch ... but Autumn will come!

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