Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Foyer Table Spiffed Up a Little!

I've been doing a little shopping through the house and changing some of my decor ... thought you my enjoy my cute little bears from Pigeon Forge ... from the Old Mill Pottery.  The little wooden church was made by my daddy ... when my 1st grade Sunday School class didn't have an offering box for us to drop or change in ... my daddy made a cute little church.  It stayed with the church for years and one time I found it just stashed in the back of a craft closet, so I swiped it!   God  will probably get me for that someday!

Our foyer table has been with us for 30 years and the wine bottle/glass holder was a gift from my husband 20 years ago ... so was the beautiful blue and white jar.  It's held numerous silk flower arrangements through the years!  The dust has been with me all summer!

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