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Comfort Food

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I'm in the mood for cooler evenings with a pot of coffee!  Southern Illinois' heat indexes are preventing me from doing that, though ... so I'm just pretending.  I've set a cute everyday table with the dishes I use all the time.  This isn't an advertisement for QVC's Temptations kitchenware ... but if you have it, you know why I love it ... and if you don't have it ... you might want to try it!   I have the dinnerware in brown ... and I've bought zillions of serving pieces and special things.  I have everything from individual casseroles to a vertical chicken roasting pan. this stuff is freezer, oven, microwave ... and kid proof!   It comes sparkling clean in the dishwasher, too!

So, we'll start with my make believe coffee in the evening centerpiece.  I've recently repositioned my kitchen table and I'm enjoying creating little vignettes on the end of the table .. instead of the typical centerpiece!
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 Take a look at this cute place setting!  Tablescapers will recognize that cute Dollar Tree glass!  Those are kid proof, too!  The colors on it are perfect with this dinnerware ... and I love the sentiment on the glass ... It's all about family gatherings!  The place mat and napkin are a Walmart find!  Nothing expensive here ... just friendly and inviting.   Perfect for any meal ... including brunch!

I love the brown and white check on the edge of the coffee themed place mat.

Take a look at the cute shapes on these things!  Sponge painting is a very old ... probably considered primitive ... technique.  Don't you love the scalloped edge of the salad bowl?   Then the dessert or salad plates have a similar ruffled edge!   The chips and dip dish .. .with the nesting hen ... is one of my favorite pieces ... and the salt pig has a special place in my kitchen!

Here's a closer look at those special edges ... and a special old man in the picture!  That's my daddy.  This picture was taken on Father's Day the year he was 88.  He jumped on one of my brother's horses before anybody could stop him.  We didn't think he needed to be riding at that age ... but nothing ever stopped him!  He'd worked with horses ... and loved horses ... his entire life and he was as comfortable on that spotted horse as he would have been in the lounge chair in his TV Room.

This is a quick little coffee niche creation ... a coffee scented candle dropped down in a hurricane on top of coffee beans ... cinnamon scented potpourri in a big jar ... and a cute little pitcher that my daddy gave me one time.  I was his baby child and he loved to have 'treats' in his pocket for me ... when he was in his 80s and I was in my 50s ... this was still a favorite thing of his ... to have a treat for me when his visited my house!

What's more beautiful than a gleaming candle in the darkness.  What a great scent is coming from this pretty thing!  Hope you enjoyed ... and hope you'll visit my home page to see my other posts!

Here's a great brunch recipe!

Eggs and Avocados

Place half an avocado in an individual casserole dish.   Place a poached egg in the center.  Top with a drizzle of bottled enchilada sauce and a healthy sprinkle of shredded Jack cheese.   Place under the broiler for a couple minutes, until the cheese melts and bubbles.  Serve immediately with a side of fresh fruit, a yummy corn muffin and a mug of good coffee!

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