Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Red Kitchen Gadgets!

Since almost everything in this post is RED ... I hope it's ok if I repost it with Rednesday at It's a Very Cherry World!  Be sure to click through to visit all the other red posts!  Thanks to our hostess!

Original Post - February 14, 2011:

You probably know that I spend lots of time in my kitchen!  I cook dinner almost every night;  entertain at least once a month;  can and freeze all kinds of things ... in season;  cook for my two monthly newspaper columns; cook for all the photo shoots in the quarterly magazine I publish on my job!  I need ... and love ... gadgets.

My 30 year old Osterizer stand mixer ... that had all the attachments ... croaked last summer.  I treated myself to a new Kitchen Aid Pro about a month ago ... and my husband made me buy all the available attachments!  You'll see the results of the pasta maker ... and the sausage maker in future posts! 

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