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Most Popular Posts from 2013!

I have to admit that 2013 was not my most active blogging year.  I've been busy with lots of hands-on projects that took most of my work time and my spare time! So, blogging was at the bottom of my list of leisure activities.

I do want to guide you to some of my most popular posts from the past year, though.  My blog has had plenty of activity from followers and viewers, even though the "blogger" hasn't been loyal!   Hope you enjoy!

When I wrote about the rose bush that I just cannot get to bloom ... except during special times ... you all got excited!  Then, when I told you I had tried to kill it off and it wouldn't die ... so I was just going to EAT it ... you got more excited!  Read more about my relationship with Witchy Rose!   May she live forever!

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One of my cooking columns for the Good Food: Local project ... which is what took so much of my time ... was all about my favorite summer salads.  My readers came back a few hundred times to take a look at these salads ... especially the old time honored recipe for layered salad ... that I put in a quart jar.

We all love to set red, white and blue July 4th tablescapes ... but I have to admit that those are the colors I use all through the summer .... because I love the theme!  My new kitchen (a post for the near future) is going to carry a little of that theme ... although with a rustic twist.

Well, I admitted that I broke my number one rule about the monthly trip I take to the antique mall to fill my booth ... and bought something I didn't need.  I just fell in love with these dishes ... because the pattern was all about Colonial America.

Ya'all must have agreed ... because 350 page views later ... we celebrated the Fourth of July!

I like to participate in Pink Saturday, when I can ... and I have a set of solid pink dinnerware that I use on the deck, so it is an easy task!  I like my back yard ... especially the natural growth that includes a hedge of Honeysuckle.  So ... pale yellow with the pink made for a great Pink Saturday!

I devote as much of my life as I can to Miss Phoebe.  She started first grade this year and her class was named the Ladybugs!  I made a special tea party for Phoebe and her mom and named it the "Ladybug Tea  Party".  We spent a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon ... enjoying hot tea and pretty sweets and savories! Phoebe and Papa Joe and I started having regular tea parties when she could barely sit up ...  She loves it!

Last winter I decorated my kitchen table space with cute blue rag trees and rag balls ... and a matching wreath.  I didn't get around to posting pictures until January ... but the simple decorations, which I made during the heat of the summer,  were fun to work with!

Hope you take time to click through the titles of these photographs to see the complete posts ... and hope you are all planning a wonderful and successful 2014!

I plan to share this post with some of my favorite weekly parties ... so make sure you click through to see the other posts.    Happy New Year!

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