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Comfort Food

Bucket List Trip to New York City!

I'm finally getting around to posting a few pictures of my November trip to New York City.  My friends, Harvey and Trish ... who are at the front of this picture ... go almost every year specifically to see the Rockettes in the Christmas Extravaganza.  Harvey doesn't thing he has Christmas ... if he misses that trip.

I've always wanted to go to Sardi's and to see the Rockettes ... and although I've traveled all over the United States ... I'd never hit New York City at Christmastime! So, I jumped and said "yes", when they invited me to go in 2013!

I think Saridi's was probably the highlight of the trip for me!  I wanted good food ... because I enjoy eating good food ...and after a few "only ok" meals, I finally had good food!  Our waiter was experienced ... wouldn't tell us how many years he'd worked there ... but sure knew how to take care of us!  I tried to get him to marry me ... but he was faithful to his wife!

We visited the Chelsea Market and had a tour guide.  I'd recommend that you get on the internet and do a little research about the market so you know your history ... and skip the tour guide!   We wanted time to shop and browse ... and the tour didn't give us much of that.  It also included visiting some landmark restaurants in the area ... and it was very clear that the staff would rather have not had us there!

I loved the way the designers had used all the old elements in the market, which had been a meat slaughtering house in the distant past ... and a biscuit factory in the less distant past.  They left much of what was originally there ... in place in either a functional way or a decorative way.  Really neat!  

There were plenty of shops.  Three favorites ... the wine shop and an Italian grocery that had all kinds of International grocery items.  The marzipan fruits were beautiful!   The seafood shops was also a type of restaurant with a sushi bar and a soup bar.  Don't you just love the lobster sausages?

I expected a more traditional show at the Radio City Music Hall ... and it was pretty high tech.   Live theater has gone "high tech" in many places ... with all kinds of  video and audio add on aspects!  There is nothing neater, though ... than a few dozen Santa Claus dancers ... multiplied by the video screen behind them ... That is still entertaining!   We were surrounded by children ... and they really weren't any more excited that I was!   I bought Miss Phoebe a doll ... there were a couple African American dancers ... and it quickly went on a shelf in her bedroom!

 We also saw a few shows ... My favorite was "After Midnight" ... which was a non-stop Cotton Club style performance.  The costumes and hair styles ... not to speak of the incredible music and dance ... just took you back in time to that glittery age!  I sneaked a few pictures of the interior of some of the theaters ... love the old properties.

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