Hear Comes Peter Cottontail Cloche!

Oh ... It's Easter in our cloche world at our house!  Getting ready for the big day is so much fun when you have a 4 year-old grandbaby!  Miss Phoebe enjoyed Easter last year ... In fact, she continued to "think" Easter all through the summer and fall.  A friend gave her a bag of tiny apples last September and when my daughter went to get her one to eat, they were all gone!  She'd hidden them all over the house!

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Here comes Peter Cottontail!

I love working in miniature and these six inch cloches are perfect to top my tiny bunnies.

Look at the little fuzzy brown bunny.  He is just two inches tall ... I bought him at my favorite community museum shop.   Tiny baskets, tiny eggs, tiny flowers, buttons and a little ribbon and rickrack ... make cute little vignettes.

...and look at his adorable tail!

Little critters under glass ... little critters on the outside!

A couple other clusters of decorations ... Love the rattan eggs from HL ... and the pastel rabbits came from Big Lots!  They remind me of ceramic planters that my mother lined her kitchen window sill with ... cute little animal planters that had held plants when each of her five babies were born!

This next cage cloche doesn't have a permanent home, yet.  Miss Phoebe and I created it and it was a lesson in "valuables"!

Phoebe knows that not everything valuable costs lots of money.  She knows there are things in Gwamma's stash of sewing and scrapbooking supplies that are more valuable than the things that she gets to play with!  She also considers this little tin sewing box to be hers ... and she fills it with her own valuables ... so it became a part of the picture.  You'll notice the spools of lace ... and the bundles of lace inside the cage???  Those are some of the valuable sewing supplies that she isn't allowed to play with, so they went in the cage.  The figurines came from GW, but they are Lefton and I wouldn't let Miss P play with them ... so they went in the cage!  Then you'll notice a couple strands of my pearls ... and a cute little stuffed bunny that is one of Phoebe's valuables! 
So, this VALUABLE cloche cage will probably go
in her room at our house!

Now ... to the kitchen!

...and finally, before they come down, just a glimpse at my kitchen shelves and the jars I keep out ... filled with the things we tend to eat more of during the winter months ... rice, beans, wild rice blends and blends of other grains.   They look pretty and inviting ... but more than anything ... they remind me to eat right!

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