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Alphabet Thursday - U is for Ugh!

U is for Ugh!  "Ugh, my knee hurts!"

A couple weeks ago, I took off and spent several days moving furniture around my house.  My daughter came by to help me move one really heavy piece ... and declared that the next time she moved it ... would be when she  buried me in it ... a solid oak wardrobe that survived a 1913 Mississippi and Ohio River flood in Cairo, Illinois!  It has a water mark on the bottom of it ... to prove it!  Our bedroom furniture was my husband's grandmother's ... over 100 years old ... and very heavy.  I have a trick knee ... anybody know what I mean?  When I stress it ... it pops and hurts for a few days.  So, my knee still hurts ... but the good news is ... I have moved enough stuff around that I have kind of a fresh look in a couple rooms.  My sunroom was the room I was focused on ... and you'll see a few things in future posts.  But today, have a look at my cute little maple hutch that was hidden for the past couple years in my sewing room. 

Remember my yellow ironstone that I posted a few weeks ago?  Here it is ... and it loves its new spot.

The painted tray stood at the end of my mother's kitchen counter for 30 years!   She used to serve sacks to my daughter on this tray ... so it has some special meaning!  Don't you love the fact that I found a coffee pot, sugar and creamer ... to match my set of ironstone?  I found it on ebay ...
I stuck  some faux plants in the tea cups ... thought I needed a little contrasting color!

I'm linking to Alphabet Thursday ... special thanks to Jenny for making us use our brains a little!
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  1. Beautiful!! I'm always amazed by people who have such lovely treasures on display...maybe one day...LOL

  2. beautiful tea pot and cups and ironstone but I love the bird :)

  3. oh that yellow is so bright and pretty!

  4. Ugh, so sorry your knee hurts. I remember the ironstone!

  5. Very pretty indeed. I like the yellow against the red and I think the tray pulls it all together, nice job. I just love when you make that perfect find!

    I hope your knee feel better real soon nuthen worse than a bum knee :0/

  6. I love the sunshine feel of the ironstone.

  7. Eating off a plate of sunshine! What a treat!!

  8. Debbie i thought we agreed that you'd box them up and send them my way =)???

  9. Just wonderful! Love the maple piece and the cheery ironstone!


  10. How pretty...my kitchen is yellow and red, so if you don't mind just sending those over here....

  11. Very pretty and ugh...unbelievable to find all the U's. Understandably Unique!!

  12. Love what you did with this - and the good memories from the painted tray. Stopping by from New Friend Friday, and so glad I found you. Now following.

  13. Lovely! (I mean...your hutch and dinnerware are lovely!) ...of course, not your trick knee! I hope that your knee is feeling better! ( I'd love to see your wardrobe that you moved).

    Blessings & Aloha!
    My hubby is the one that loves to "rearrange" our furniture!

  14. Hope your knee gets better soon! Your hutch is very sunny and spring-y! Enjoy:@)

  15. Spring cleaning has begun? Always fun to move things around and experience that "new" feeling. Hope the knee recovers quickly.

  16. I'm sorry about your knees but so happy you have such cool stuff to hurt them on moving! ha!

    The furniture all sounds charming and this little hutch is a beauty.

    The sunshiny dishes just made me smile.

    Thanks for linking!

    Hope you are feeling better now!


  17. What lovely, cheerful yellow! Even better because of the sentimental value.


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