Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Merry Christmas from Slice of Pie!

A few photos from our annual open house ... Bayou Style!

2010 Moore Christmas Open House



Crawfish Pie

Great Boars Beef

Coke & Cherry Glazed Ham with Creole Cherry Mustard

Mixed Green Salad with Blueberry Hill Vinaigrette

Cajun Antipasto with Quail Eggs

Cajun Crab Salad & Vegetables

Genoa Cornucopias

Pickled Okra Bites


Chocolate Mint Candy

Big Mama’s Fruit Cake

Persimmon Bread with Orange Cream

Sweet Potato Pie

Hurricanes & Chicory Coffee Punch

Shawnee Hills Wines

Big Boy Drinks

February's Family Sunday Dinner

Christmas 2020

Mary Queen of Scots Dinner Menu Booklet

Grandma Debbie's Christmas 2018

Grandma's Blue & Green Pupkins!

Autumn at Grandma Debbie's