Deck the Halls Party -- A Sneak Peek at the Trees!

Here's a little look at the Christmas Trees at our house!  We always decorate for the dogs and wildlife in the Dining Room.  In addition to my Spode Woodland china ... and my Johnson Brothers Brookshire . .. I have 6 other sets of wildlife dinnerware!   Big hunting and fishing stories have been told at my dinner table for decades ... so it is only fitting that the room should shout "Mother Nature"!   You'll notice a "Pigeon Forge" sign ... one of our favorite vacation spots in Tennessee.  It is just far enough away to really get away ... but not so far that we can't visit a couple times a year!  Love you folks in the Great Smokey Mountains!

We always have a grape tree ... because we have a cute little room decorated in things grapey and winey!  In the middle picture on the left of this collage, you'll notice two clear ornaments filled with dried flowers.  My mother and daddy are both gone now ... and the lady who owns the mortunary our family uses makes these ornaments.  She visits the graves, dries some of the flowers left on the new grave and then fills the small ornaments.   She actually uses tweezers to get the petals inside without crushing them.  At first, I thought this was kind of a morbid thing to do ... but I have to tell you that the ornaments really do have meaning for me.  The mortunary has a special service right before Christmas each year ... and presents the ornaments to the families who have lost loved ones in the previous year.  It is not uncommon for her to make in excess of 100 ornaments.  My Southern Baptist Deacon Daddy might not like hanging on the wine room tree!  Oh, well.

Our sunroom turns red and white during Christmas.  I've collected a few  blown glass ornaments made by a friend of ours ... and lots of peppermint looking things to add.   It is actually easy to adjust this theme a little each year.   Black and white penguins ... the year Miss Phoebe was in love with "wing wings" ... a little green added last year for a "peppermint-spearmint" theme ... and this year, you'll see a little blue added for a new "snowman" theme!  Watch for future posts!

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