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Comfort Food

Listen for God's Message

I’ve been seeing lots of internet articles, Facebook posts and comments about God’s creation of the COVID19 Pandemic.  Some call this a Biblical plague.  Indeed, there are 68 Bible verses pertaining to plagues and pandemonium.  They range from frogs to floods to earthquakes.  I don’t need a pandemic to get a message from God, though.  I hear from God on a regular basis.

I was interviewing a lady ten years ago for a story related to a tourism attraction, and as I got acquainted with her, she told me she was an intercessor.  I was a bit puzzled, and I guess my facial expression reflected that because she explained what she meant.  She was talking about the Spirit of God.  She opened herself up to God’s messages and as a result, God told her things through dreams and visions.  She began to tell me of some of the instances where this had happened to her.  The most intriguing was that she had a dream about 9/11.  She dreamed that two big buildings in New York City were on fire and that airplanes were on fire in several places.  She had never been to New York City, and she had never flown in an airplane. This dream had startled her to the point that she called the FBI headquarters and reported what she had seen.  Two days later, her dreams came true.  I wrote my story and planned to go back to visit her to inquire more about her Spiritual gift.  She died before I had the chance to do that.

God doesn’t speak to me in this way.  I believe what my new friend told me, but I don’t have visions or dreams about upcoming events, although sometimes my ‘gut feeling’ guides me! What I do experience on a regular basis is the notion that God’s hand is involved in something I experience. As I’ve gotten older and wiser, making decisions about things big and small is often done pondering good and bad.  I think those are ways that God talks to me!  I don’t think it takes a pandemic for Christians to hear from God.

There are 39 verses in the Bible about listening to God every day.  I was raised to believe that God’s hand is in everything.  When the devil is stirring up trouble, God’s hand is still there to calm the storm.  My dad believed that ‘everything was carved in stone from the beginning of time’ and I never saw him demonstrate that more than when his first-born child … his namesake … died way before his time.  My parents accepted that cruelty with calm.  I admired their ability to do that.  It was their faith that carried them through.
Romans 10:17 tells us that faith comes from hearing … hearing through the word of Christ. 

Proverbs 3: 6 – 16 tells us that we should acknowledge God and let Him lead us.  It clearly states that if we look for wisdom, we will find understanding.  This passage says that we should accept God’s corrections because He leads those He loves. 

I guess the question right now is … is God correcting us through this time of COVID19?  I think the answer is a great big ‘yes’, but I think the issues aren’t just about ridding evil in the world.  Yes, we need to get back to everything that is good about taking care of our families.  We need to get back to basics … to our roots … and practice the things that bring about good.  If that means returning to church and religion … then do it.  If that means caring less about material things and more about doing for other people … then do it.  I think it means more than that.

At some point … or at many points … in recent history the United States has become too global.  I don’t know what politicians or political party decided it was ok to stop making products in our own country, providing jobs for American people … but they weren’t listening to God.  When would God have told us to destroy our economy by ignoring ‘made in the USA’ or ‘buy local’?  When would God have told us to eliminate jobs for American families … so there was less food on the table and fewer people living even a minuscule part of the American dream?  

God didn’t lead us to do those things.  God wants us to have common sense and to be smart.  The common folk in this country could have predicted … and many probably did predict … what we are experiencing now.

We can’t take care of our own, because we have grown too dependent upon products coming from other countries, specifically China.  We have sent American jobs to many other countries, leaving behind a workforce unable to make a living wage.  When you call a U.S. owned insurance company, you talk to people manning phones in the Philippines.  A customer service agent for a product we think is made in the U.S. is actually sitting in a cubical in India.  Are our cars still being made in Mexico?  Where did your television or your washing machine actually come from?  

It is time for all these things to stop.  It is time to bring it all back home.  This might be the real message from God.

Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.

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