Vintage Vegetables - 2020 Project

I have several special projects planned for this first year of the new decade!  One of my favorites, however, is this one!  I'll be posting recipes using old time vegetables ... and sometimes using old time recipes with today's favorite vegetables! 

It thrills me to know that young families are cooking again!  I'm fearful that we missed a couple generations of this, as restaurants and fast food chains took the place of a meal around the kitchen table.  Things have changed back to the old ways.  Buying local is popular and frequenting farmers' markets is a part of many families' weekly routines.  Vegetables are in, again!  Fantastic!

I want to be sure that my blog's followers enjoy learning old ways to prepare vegetables.  I want to make sure that those followers can identify heirloom vegetables ... and that they know what to do with them.  Let's not miss any opportunity to eat healthy and shop local!

This project begins today, January 1, 2020.

Follow my blog for weekly posts, and if you miss some all you have to do is visit the "Vintage Vegetable" page to see what you've missed!

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